I've created a visual and textual thought journal. For the past couple of weeks I've been carrying this notebook around with me to most places, I've been drawing peoples faces either from memory or in person. Some people are strangers, others are people I used to know, and others are loved ones.
With the drawings my intention is to portray onto the page how I see them in my head. I pour my thoughts and emotions into their drawings. Trying to slowly or not so slowly form a face or the essence of the person with a series of scribbles.
On the back of the page are my thoughts while drawing that person. Sometimes they are related to the person I am drawing and other times they are thoughts I could not get out of my head while drawing. These thoughts range from memories we share together, who I imagine they are or what their life is like, how I feel about person or how I wish I felt about them...
I also have not completely finished the notebook as it is a work in progress and ongoing.
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