For This project y group and i were tasked with creating a proposal for a hypothetical performance piece designed to be displayed in the palais de tokyo in paris. 

Here is our project statement. 

Meet the physical representation of human connection: Six Degrees.

In the Orbe New York space in the Palais de Tokyo, “Six Degrees” provides visitors with the opportunity to see the invisible footsteps that connect us together. The title “Six Degrees” comes from the idea of ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ where all people are connected within six social connections or less. All our paths will cross.

Six Degrees allows audiences to create the work by dipping the soles of their feet into water dissolving paint. They will put on biodegradable plastic booties over their shoes and step into a vat of paint. The colors will be changed daily in a predetermined order and will evoke a different emotion depending on the day’s color. For instance alternating between the intense color  black (associated with anger and power) with a tranquil Turquoise (associated with calmness and tranquility) will cause a contrast of footprints over time on the floor and the combination of colors will affect the participants by creating a break of the negative connotations associated with the color black. The overall goal of this work is to layer multiple coloured footprints one upon the other, showing the inner connection of all human beings.
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