This project was Created in collaboration with Willow Hayward. We wanted to showcase a space we both share. This is an area in my apartment that has held numerous late night conversations and fits of laughter. Our intention was so showcase a safe space for the viewers, welcoming them in with the cozy atmosphere and soft textures. We decided to leave the ceiling off of the mockup in order to create a more open-plan, inviting space. We also left the windows open with a warm light coming through to further this idea of our typical warm summer nights. Finally, we present ourselves interacting with the space in the form of a projection on the couch inviting the viewer to observe our late night conversations. 
DO Ho Suh 
"Loving and Rubbing" 2017
This piece is about preserving a space's memory-provoking details and the emotional importance of a home. "I try to understand my life as a movement moving through different spaces."
Andy Warhol, "Sleep," 1961
A silent and personal film featuring warhol's lover John giorno sleeping. It takes a journey into the psychological space of a room. 
William Eggleston
Process photos
Final Product
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