Endometriosis a story of a diagnosis told through pain. The day this project was assigned was quite a painful day for me because my endometriosis started acting up. This gave me the idea for my final project as every time I tried to find art or writing about this topic I would find few to none. When you've been called crazy or a drama queen for so long sometimes you just want to read about or see art showing someone who knows how are you feel, who knows exactly what you're going through. And I never found that. This affects  1 in 10 women. And there is little to no art about a topic that affects this many people.
Though this project is only a tiny step forward in creating art about this issue, it's something. And it's something I wish I could've had it, wish I could've looked at, wish I could've read when I was 10 years old when I got my period or when I was 16 and I was officially diagnosed.
I'm very proud of this project, and I hope it's only the first volume of many in a larger collection.
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